Get answers to the most frequently asked questions and see where you can buy BOLD

  • How can you have so much caffeine in your iced coffee?

  • Why does my BOLD spray when I open it?

  • How can BOLD last so long when there is milk in it?

  • Why is coffee a better source of energy than other energy drinks?

  • How can it be called a ZERO when there are 4 calories per 100 ml?

  • How many BOLD can I drink in a day?

  • What are the ingredients in your BOLD products?

  • Where can I buy BOLD?

  • How can you write “SUGARFREE” on Zero when it says <0.5g per 100 ml?

  • Why is BOLD ZERO so dark in color when there is milk in it?

  • Are you not from Dragons Den/ Sharks Tank

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